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In Falling Boxes, the object of the game is to go up. Boxes fall from the ceiling and your only motivation is to keep from dying to the laser field below. Jump upward, and try to beat our high score of 462.

For indie-train-jam 2017, which was both of our first ever time working in Unity and our first ever game jam, we wanted to make sure we could make a game that would actually be finished and playable by the end of the jam. We talked at length about what makes a game captivating, and kept trying to distill down to the basic gameplay that we were looking for. Both of us really enjoy games where your progress is only halted by how good at the game you are -- no unlockables, no grinding, etc. We tinkered around with the feel of a 2D platformer to try and get the jump/double-jump/wall-jump just right, and then used falling boxes as a motivation to use those mechanics.

Edit: The all-time top score is now 655 by CreamCorn

Published Feb 27, 2017
AuthorGraham Allen
Tags2D, Difficult, Singleplayer, train-jam


Falling Boxes.zip 10 MB
Falling Boxes-64-bit.zip 12 MB